A Connected Art World

We’ve all heard the phrase “starving artist.” Aside from a fortunate few, most artists struggle with achieving financial success with their art. And at the same time, the world is full of potential art buyers who are all being discouraged from buying and enjoying art. It’s hard to make the connection. The result is that few artists succeed, creating work for the benefit of only a small number of buyers.

What if we could change all of this? What if we could make it easier for more artists to connect with more buyers? What if we could build a global arts ecosystem that allows artists to discover and share their work with a wider audience?

A New Market For Art

Secret Agenda Art is dedicated to building regional arts communities around innovative, entrepreneurial principles that allow artists to create global impact and local success without selling out. At a time of cultural acceleration and collapsing meaning, we have never had a greater need for artists to succeed in authenticity.

We’re creating a new, inclusive global market for art. That means bringing together art makers, art allies, and art seekers all over the world.

For art seekers, this means a community where great, meaningful art can be found at a reasonable price without pretention. For art makers, this means a community that helps you make a living with your art and find people who love, appreciate, and understand your work. And for art allies – advocates, gallerists, curators, mavens, art historians, connoisseurs and aficionados – this means a community where you can discover new artists and partner with them to exhibit work to exactly the people who are looking for it.

Secret Agenda Art Community

We’ve created a members-only online place for this community which can be accessed on the web or through the Circle app. The first 100 people will be pioneers in this new world, and they’ll set the tone for how this global network develops. We are accepting applications! If you want to live in the art world and are intrigued by this vision, click on the link below that best describes how you want to get started.

I’m an Art Maker: artists of all types; creators and innovators, people wanting to find their creative tribe

I’m an Art Ally: advocates, gallerists, curators, mavens, aficionados; people wanting to create events, places, and communities of art

I’m an Art Seeker: collectors, buyers, decorators, fans of art, and everyone wanting to level-up their life with art

I’m More than One: that’s OK! People are are complex. We know that one role doesn’t define you. Pick one of the above for now, the one that best describes you, as a place to start.