A Connected Art World

We’ve all heard the phrase “starving artist.” Aside from a fortunate few, most artists struggle with achieving financial success with their art. And at the same time, the world is full of potential art buyers who are all being discouraged from buying and enjoying art. It’s hard to make the connection. The result is that few artists succeed, creating work for the benefit of only a small number of buyers.

What if we could change all of this? What if we could make it easier for more artists to connect with more buyers? What if we could build a global arts ecosystem that allows artists to discover and share their work with a wider audience?

A New Market For Art

Secret Agenda Art was a think-tank for coming up with a strategy for convening a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable art market. And it worked!

The purpose of Secret Agenda Art has been fulfilled. This webpage will be taken down soon since we’re shifting from being a think-tank to a do-tank.

If you are someone who is dreaming of a career in art sales but doesn’t see a path to making that dream a reality, or if you are also trying to achieve a goal in the neighborhood of this, connect with me. Let’s chat!