Art Needs Allies

Art is always a bit mysterious. If you completely understand a work of art, it’s probably time to move on to another one.

However, there’s such a thing as being too mysterious. If something is a complete mystery, it’s not engaging. People move on from what they can’t begin to understand. In a world of busy people whose attention has been taxed to the limit, the meaning of most art is completely inaccessible.

Art Allies move the art world. Their foundational understanding of art and the context that it arises from means they can help others use art to begin journeys of discovery. They can help others begin to find new thoughts and possibilities, and by helping others, go on deeper mental and emotional journeys of their own.

We live in a world that is in desperate need of meaning. Many of the social institutions and systems of thought that people have been relying on for a sense of purpose have begun crumbling. Bringing more art into the lives of more people can help. As artists explore the possible dimensions of human thought and existence, their work can become the key to helping create new meaning and purpose in people’s lives.

If you an art ally – whether an advocate, gallerist, curator, maven, aficionado, or art community builder – we would love to get to know you better. We are building a new art market that depends on people like you. Please consider using the form below to tell us about yourself.

Examples: Painting, photography, digital art, film, performance, sculpture, etc.
If you have a website that is representative of your work, please share it with us.
Which institutions have you worked for where you have played a role in working with artists or the public?
Examples of this could be work in a gallery, museum, or online exhibition, or in art shows, fairs, or competitions.
Please tell us about past or present art historical figures or movements that have influenced and/or inspired your work (if any).
Please tell us about the cultural traditions, cultural movements, or cultural discourses that have influenced and/or inspired your work (if any).
Do you have any favorite media, periods, or styles of art?
Please describe your interest, if any, in emerging artists, including any work you may have done with them.
If you have any questions about Secret Agenda Art, feel free to include them here. You'll be helping us create a FAQ.
Please feel free to share anything else you would like us to know in advance of our meeting.