The Future Depends on Artists

As an artist, it’s important to find support for what you do in your community*

* and what if you could support your community through your art?

We live in a world where a few artists are known for their work, but where most artists are known for starving.

We live in a world where people look through the window of the gallery and think, that’s for other people, that’s not for me.

What if, instead, the world of art was inclusive, and everyone – from the starving artist to the people looking through the window, all of them, could be part of it?

Secret Agenda Art partners with artists to transform how they connect with their audiences and each other.

Visualize the vast amount of empty wall space in the entire world, impatiently awaiting your art

Creating Meaning

Every day, people move through environments that have nothing to say to them – or nothing much worth listening to.

At a time of collapsing meaning, when it’s increasingly difficult to believe in anything, art has something to say about finding meaning within.

Art addresses the need for meaning. Art reminds us of who we are, and who we can become. We can fine-tune our lives with the art we choose to have around us, and the art we choose to be in conversation with.

But in a world where art is treated like an investment, most people can’t afford to be part of the conversation.

What if your art was part of a global meaning-making conversation?

Steve Frost, Chief creative officer, secret agenda art

Secret Agenda lowers the barriers to entry for people who need art in their lives. We do this through innovation in how artists and their audiences come together, empowering artists and creating inclusive, safe spaces for customers to buy art.

The Power of Narrative

Secret Agenda Art helps artists find their audiences through the power of narrative construction.

It’s not easy to grasp your message. If it were easy, you wouldn’t need to create art to express it.

You can meet your audience half-way by using narrative to help people answer their most important question about your work:

Is this for me?


None of us is as smart, creative, or resourceful as all of us. This is the reason why artists, even though they are fiercely individual, seek one another out. Secret Agenda Art helps artists to connect and collaborate.

Sharing a common purpose to discover and reveal, artists have always benefitted from participating in spaces where they can be inspired, critiqued, and where they can find collaborators.

Our Why

We want to help more people get more access to art that helps them explore meaning. We think the future depends on it. To achieve our mission, we need to work with collaborative artists that want to make better connections with their audience. Our goal is to partner with these artists and generate revenue together so we can all keep doing what we love.

Learn More

There’s a lot more to talk about. If you are an active artist who seeks to transform your relationship with your audience – or discovery your audience – and who is looking for a community of artists who share your values of collaboration and connection, please contact us using the form below. We will be in touch with you to schedule an online meeting to get acquainted, and there’s no cost to be a member of the Secret Agenda Art Community.

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